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Conversion Rate Optimisation is vital to your online success

Visitors need to be turned into buyers and the ONLY way to do that is to ensure that your website uses Conversion Rate Optimisation methods…


There is no doubt that we can provide SEO that will drive more and more traffic to your website, but these efforts could be wasted if the vast majority of visitors are walking away without buying anything. That's where conversion rate optimisation comes into play.

A nice looking design with an incorrect structure, weak marketing descriptions, boring sales copy, and dull technical information is simply not Conversion Rate Optimised. It will NEVER convert visitors into buyers !!! That means that your site will never deliver the returns that it must to justify your investments.

So you must ensure that your website is doing absolutely everything possible to convert visitors into buyers.

This is called Conversion Rate Optimisation and is a highly specialised field that follows 6 foundation principals and uses 30 other key rules to ensure your landing pages deliver the sales you are looking for.

The ONLY reason for having a website is to sell your products or services and if created using the right structures and methodology (Conversion Rate Optimised), your website has the potential to be your most powerful sales and marketing tool, by far.

Just consider for a second that most websites have conversion ratios of less than 0.01% and yet the best ones convert up to 20% of the visitors they receive into buyers. These may just seem like random number but take a moment to do the maths.

The average site converts just 1 customer from every 10,000 visitors. The best websites would convert 2,000 of those visitors into buyers. At an average customer spend of just £30 that is the difference in sales of £59,970 !

If your SEO generates over 10,000 visitors a month, as a huge number of sites do, that is lost sales totalling over £1,000,000 in less than 2 years.

£1,000,000 In the Bin all because your site is not Conversion Rate Optimised !!!

And the difference in these figures has nothing whatsoever to do with how pretty the design is or whether flash has been used or whether you have used WordPress or just about anything else that website designers and programmers might have you believe.

Unfortunately whenever anyone thinks of building a website they contact a designer or a programmer because that seems logical and that's what everyone does. When it comes to Conversion Rate Optimisation, that's a lousy way to start.

Your are putting your most powerful sales and marketing tool into the hands of people that know absolutely nothing about sales and marketing !

Website designers go to art college and study design. Programmers go to a tech college to learn about writing code and even when you try to do the right thing by employing an experienced copywriter, 99% of them know nothing about the direct response writing style needed to convert visitors because they completed a journalism course. These are not the right resources to deliver a conversion optimised website.

As not one of them truly knows anything about sales and marketing, you may now begin to see the size of the problem.

If you want your landing pages to sell then you need to seriously consider Conversion Rate Optimisation.

This starts with the very basics, such as your website structure, your offers, your landing page, your copy and how your website appears to visitors in a number of different browsers and screen resolutions.

And then moves on to the massive conversion rate improvement to be found through the ergonomics of your site… You must consider how your prospects are really "SEEING" your landing pages and how they are interacting with those pages?

You also have to make sure that your customers aren't just skimming over the things you may need them to read to take positive action. If your website isn't created in a specific pattern, your key points will just be scanned and your sales efforts will fail.

Conversion Rate Optimisation (CRO) also includes highly advanced analysis into the usage, patterns and frequencies of certain words in your site and whether or not these are the words that are most likely to attract the right customers and the right attention.

And it covers additional topics such as visitor demographics, design analysis, colour usage, product display, testimonials and calls to action.

Unfortunately, it is extremely likely that these points have not been adequately considered or addressed in your existing site and if you want the best possible returns from your SEO, Conversion Rate Optimisation is something you must seriously consider.

So give us a call today and we'll not only provide you with award winning SEO, we'll make sure that your website is Conversion Rate Optimised to deliver the best possible sales results as well.

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